Tour: Something Eternal

May 4, 2016 All Tours 2

Tour: Something EternalSomething Eternal on to be determined
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Life without love is fire without flame....
In our time, wonder has disappeared. Most believe in what is seen, others in what is heard, yet a few know something eternal guides them.

When Vincent steals his older brother’s girl, Noemi, someone is going to die. Three lives, once ascending to greatness, are pitched into chaos. Jak, after months of searching, finds his younger brother, Vincent, while Noemi faces certain death. On one hand, Vincent can save her, yet others will die for their love.

Hearts prided on rational choices waver. Logic conflicts with reality, and emotion, not reason, decides the future.



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  1. Joel T. McGrath

    I want to thank Tia and all the bloggers for their time, effort, and amazing talent on behalf of SOMETHING ETERNAL.

    Please help me raise awareness for literacy, and by that, I mean that television and movies are not substitutes for books, they are add-ons.

    Kindle Scout has many different genres to choose from. I encourage you nominate these potential Kindle Scout winners: Something Eternal by Joel T. McGrath, Legion Found by K.C. Finn, Rift by Elana Johnson, and The Second Stage of Grief by Katherine Hayton.

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