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Tour Sign-Up: Phil UniversePhil! by RP Momsen
Genres: SciFi
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Phil is a funny, lighthearted book in the style of Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Phil is an interplanetary being which has been in charge of watching over earth since it’s creation.

Due to cutbacks, he’s had to answer all people's “prayers” etc personally and has finally had it and begun answering people exactly how he feels, and quite sarcastically. He comes down to earth and meets a couple earthlings in a pub and decides to take them on an adventure showing them exactly how the universe taking them to multiple earth universes, each very weird and different in it’s own way. They get captured by an incredibly good looking species, escape down a black hole to show up at the beginning of another planet and end up finding a good pint at the first pub in the universe by an old man in a beard.

They write their own 10 rules to live by on the new planet and become god like creatures years later. There’s a number of adventures that they find themselves on as they travel throughout the universe and meet various species.


This release tour runs 11/- 15 – 11/22

The tour will consist of reviews, interviews, excerpts, and promo posts



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About RP Momsen

R.P. Momsen was lucky enough to meet Phil in a very lovely but rather smelly pub a few years ago. After listening to the most amazing story of his life, and a half dozen pints, Rick agreed to bring Phil’s story to the world and finally get Phil a vacation. Through an arduous process over the next couple years of intense notes, grand philosophical debates, lengthy trips through multiple universes and numerous beers this masterpiece of answers was named Phil and finally released. A great friendship has been created and Rick has agreed to continue to write the real truth about everything, why it’s kind of a good thing to know and what humankind could do to be invited to the really cool parties.

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