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Tour Sign-Up: PAIREDPAIRED: Champagne & Sparkling Wines. The Food & Wine Matching Recipe Book for Everyone. by David Stevens-Castro, Fran Flynn, Tyson Stezler
Published by Paired Media on October 1st 2015
Genres: Cooking, Non Fiction
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RECENTLY ANNOUNCED 2016 Gourmand World Cook Book Awards. PAIRED: Champagne & Sparkling Wines has received a 'Best in the World' award in the Food and Wine Matching category. This follows on from winning 'Best in Australia' in two categories of the Gourmand regional awards for 'Food & Wine Pairing' and 'French Wine' earlier in the year


Food and wine pairing can be easy! All you need are taste buds and a sense of adventure.

This beautifully presented, full colour recipe book will encourage and support you to experience the pleasure of food and wine pairing for yourself. The first volume showcases sparkling wines of all styles, and challenges usual perceptions by offering sparkling wines with tantalising home-cooked recipes for all courses of a meal, not just with finger food.

The delicious recipes, presented by husband-and-wife team wine expert David Stevens-Castro and food photographer Fran Flynn create a foundation to apply your new pairing skills with confidence. Leave your comfort zone behind, try the unexpected, and bask in discoveries that your taste buds will be forever grateful for.

Renowned award-winning wine expert Tyson Stezler contributes a foreword and discusses the current trends in champagne and sparkling wine consumption.

Aimed at anyone with an interest in food and wine, this book uses a light-hearted and accessible style of language, plus full-colour illustrations to guide you on the right path to understanding food and wine pairings for yourself, with the added benefit of demystifying terminology and explaining wine labelling.

Seven chapters each showcase a style of sparkling wine, present a visual synopsis of the country of origin, supply complimentary cheese ideas, and several recipes that will pair with the topical variety. Every recipe illustrated with full colour photographs is introduced by Fran, while David narrates some pairing suggestions.

Common misconceptions about wine are dispelled, a broad range of dishes suitable for sharing and entertaining are presented, and suggestions on how you can introduce your friends to the wonderful world of food and wine are also provided.

Note: All measurements appear in both imperial and metric format throughout the book.


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