Worldwind Virtual Book Tours & Author Solutions is run by Tia, co-owner of The Serious Reader blog. After getting her degree in Psychology and working both in the counseling, medical, and customer relations fields, she joined the writing community. She has been writing for seven years, as well as blogging for six, and has since taken a multitude of editing, writing, marketing, and even SEO courses, to further her knowledge and love of helping authors gain exposure. She has successfully coordinated more than 100 tours since the onset of WWVBT in 2013.

If you would like to contact her, please email her at tia [at] worldwindtours [dot] com


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So, who can tour with us?  Unlike a lot of tour companies, we accept any and all book genres for our tours. Each book must meet the following criteria, as determined by Worldwind Virtual Book Tours and associates: an attractive cover, a well-written blurb, and the book must have been fully edited (editing is more than just a proofread). Worldwind also reserves the right to read the Amazon preview of the book in question to determine quality and eligibility. WWVBT may decline any book for tour that we do not think will be a good fit for our readers/bloggers.


Understanding Book Tours


1.  After I book a tour, what do I do?

After booking a tour, WWVBT is already hard at work recruiting to find bloggers and readers for your book tour. All you need to do is sit back and relax. Wait… that’s not right. You’re supposed to be writing! You’re a writer gosh darnit! So, write. The beauty of hiring a book tour service is that we handle all the emailing, scheduling, and details for you, so you don’t have to! The only thing you need to worry about is providing us with review copies, and once we have the tour put together, return to us any requested materials (if applicable) such as, interviews, guest posts, and excerpts. That’s it!


2.  What features are usually in a tour?

Guest posts, excerpts, spotlights, interviews, and reviews. Also, any other promotional material provided by the author, such as a book trailer, etc.


3. What if I don’t want to do guest posts?

That’s totally fine. We understand sometimes life is too hectic to carve out time to answer interview questions or write blog post articles. You can customize your tour to meet your needs and only do the features you want. Just make sure we know at the time you book.


4. Who provides the book for a review?

Quite simply, you do. Either yourself, the author, or your publisher, if they are willing.


5. Do I have to do a giveaway?

No, although giveaways are always recommended. Giveaways can help generate buzz and gain added exposure. If you choose to do a giveaway, we recommend your prize be something more unique (a gift basket of sorts) or a gift card and not just an ebook. Giving away your book is great, but we recommend doing it in conjunction with another prize to really draw new readers in.


6. Is buying a tour like paying for reviews?

No! You are paying WWVBT to coordinate a tour for you. In other words, you are simply paying us to spend our time sifting through bloggers to find interested parties in hosting you on their blog and/or reviewing your book. We are then responsible for sending bloggers all tour materials and handling all communications. None of the reviewers work for WWVBT.


7. I want a tour. How do I find packages and pricing?

On our Tour & Promo Services page here.


8. Do you offer services other than tours?

Yes! WWVBT offers cover reveals, several critiquing services, tweet services, and proofreading. We soon hope to add full editing, book covers, and formatting to the list.


9. How do I book a tour?

Again, go to our Tour & Promo Services page here and below are tour packages it says “Submit a Request.” There is an email address and instructions on info you must send to us. Once your email is sent, we will get back to you within 48 hrs. If we do not, please re-email us as the inter web may have ate your email for lunch.


10. What if you cannot fill my tour?

To date, WWVBT has NEVER had a book tour we could not fill. If that did happen, we would be honest with the author/publisher and downgrade the tour to a smaller package and refund the price difference. If that is not possible, we will refund the entire tour fee.


11. What happens after a tour starts?
We will check posts for each tour, mid-morning (there can be time differences at play).  If a host is delayed in posting, we will email the host inquiring on the status of the post. If we haven’t received a response or they still haven’t posted that afternoon, we will email the author/publisher to keep everyone posted.  Note: we exhaust all means to try and ensure each blogger posts.
WWVBT will promote each tour stop on social media: TSR & WWVBT Facebook, Twitter, Google +.  I recommend that the author and/or publisher do the same. It is encouraged for the author to comment at each stop on your tour, engaging with your readers and bloggers. Also, encourage them to follow the rest of the tour, especially if you are offering a giveaway.
12. But, the author/publisher is paying for the tour, why should they have to promote?
Promotion is a key part of daily life if you are an author/publisher or ANYONE selling a product. Your tour will be much more successful if you engage your readers and audience, share the posts on your own social media sites, comment, tweet, and encourage others to do so. It builds momentum. Keep in mind, tours are not merely about sales. Yes, if you get sales from a tour, that is great. But tours are about the long term. They’re about exposure. They are about building valuable relationships with your audience. You cannot do that if you are not present or silent. We can only promote so much, but only YOU can put a face to a name, a personality behind the author, and engage under your readsership.


13. What if I get a bad review on tour?
We prefer that the host NOT post a review under three stars during the tour, but to wait for after. However, keep in mind, we do not control bloggers. They do not work for us. Therefore, we can’t control if they dislike the book, and if they choose to post a negative review. MOST bloggers, for the sake of the tour, however, do not post negative reviews during the tour. Also, we STRONGLY SUGGEST that the hosts post their reviews on Review Sites such as Amazon, Goodreads, etc–and most of our reviewers do. But again, we cannot control them. It is our job as the tour coordinator to form a Tour and have the hosts feature your release on THEIR BLOGS, what they do after that is on their own accord.


14. What if a blogger doesn’t post?
Again, we do everything in our power to ensure bloggers post. Sometimes despite our efforts, however, they do not respond to our emails and do not post. If they will not communicate with us, there is little we can do because we cannot control our bloggers. They operate outside of WWVBT.


14. How can I become a tour host?
You can read all about it and sign up HERE!