Tour Hosts/Bloggers


Are you interested in hosting for our tours and giveaways? Do you love reviewing books?
We’re currently recruiting bloggers!
Be sure to read our guidelines below before signing up. The sign-up button is on the BOTTOM of the page.


Blog tour information and policies:

–Tour schedule: Changing your scheduled date to host can usually be changed or switched around with no problem. If you need to change your scheduled date or there are any problems, please let us know as soon as possible. We can change your date, or if need be, replace your stop. Keep in mind that not everyone who signs up will get a spot on the tour–this depends on the size of the tour, the number of sign-ups, and availability. If you need to check a finalized tour schedule, you can go to the sidebar on our main page and check on that tour by clicking on the banner.

–Tour day: Please try to have your post up no later than 10am EST on the day you are scheduled (even if this means posting the evening before) and make it the top post of the day, if at all possible. Again, if you need to switch dates, let us know.

–Reviews: Our tours are promotional, so if there is an unfavorable review, (below 3 stars) we would appreciate it if you could wait and post the review after the tour. If you don’t like the book or can’t finish it for another reason, please email us and we can provide an excerpt for your scheduled tour stop. You can still post any giveaways and this will have no reflection on your standing as a host with us. We understand that you need to give an honest review. Also, reviews help authors, so if possible, also post your review on Goodreads and Amazon, and Barnes & Noble or anywhere else you are able.

–Tour Timeline: As soon as we get a new tour, we will post a sign-up online and send an email to all tour hosts before it’s shared anywhere else. Once sign-ups are closed and the schedule is finalized, an email will be sent to everyone on the tour. This should occur at least 4 weeks prior to the tour. You will then receive your review copy. If you signed up for an interview, we will request your questions at that time. All tour materials–guest posts, interviews, book info, excerpts, pictures and graphics will be sent to bloggers one week before the tour. A final reminder email will be sent to all bloggers the day prior to a tour.

–Guest Posts: All guest posts are unique and written for your tour stop when scheduled for one. If you have a particular topic you would like the author to write about, please let us know when you sign-up or once you receive notice that you are scheduled for the tour.

–Tour Host Requirements: Although we do look for established blogs with a quality following, we will accept anyone as a host. What is most important to us are committed and reliable bloggers who are active on their blog. We also appreciate it when bloggers promote the posts via social media sites.

-Book Boosts & Cover Reveals unless otherwise stated, are a one day or three day promo event. The material is given in html, so they are super easy and quick content to post (unless the blogger prefers to piece it together themselves). Each event also offers a large giveaway courtesy of the author/Worldwind which will help you gain followers and traffic to your blog. Everyone who signs up can participate in boosts–there’s no limit of blogs. A boost spans 1 week for the giveaway. We ask that you post the first day or two of the boost. There is also no set schedule, the blitz spans a certain amount of time (average 5-10 days) and you decide which day you want to post during that window. Unlike blog tours, Book Boosts do not need to be the top post of the day. This means you can post it before your scheduled review or other planned post for that day.


Note: If a blogger fails to post on their scheduled date without notice or reason, and fails to respond to Worldwind’s emails about their scheduled post, we will be hesitant to add them on future tours and it may result in removal from our host list.