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The WWVBT team is now offering proofreading services. A proofread is vital to catching those pesky errors that slip through the cracks.

Our rates are: $0.50 per page (double spaced, 12 pt font)

So, for a 350 page manuscript, we charge $175 for a proofread.

Our editor accepts all genres for proofreads.

Note: The full fee is charged up front for proofreads. We accept payment via Paypal & Square Cash. If we start reading your manuscript and it has a ton of errors (beyond the scope of a proofread) and we determine that it requires a full edit, we will prorate our charges to the number of pages read and refund the remainder. The current turn around time is 1 week.


Developmental Edit/Professional Beta Read

A WWVBT developmental edit gives you a detailed evaluation of your manuscript, focusing on substantive elements such as plot, structure, character, conflict, voice, pacing, and theme. We use Microsoft track changes to comment on parts of your book (if we see something, we’re noting it!) AND we will give you a multi-page report summarizing any issues/concerns we saw, along with suggestions on how to fix those problems.

Note: At this time, our editor is accepting manuscripts in the following genres: Romance (all sub-genres), New Adult (all sub-genres), Young Adult (all sub-genres), Women’s Fiction

Partial manuscripts (three chapters), short stories, and novellas up to 25,000 words: $250.00
Complete manuscripts up to 70,000 words: $300.00
Complete manuscripts between 70,000 words and 100,000 words: $400.00
Complete manuscripts between 100,000 words and 120,000 words: $525.00 

We offer a 3 page sample edit. (Keep in mind samples are more conducive to line edits though! It is hard to assess story in three pages). All payments will be made through either PayPal or Square Cash. We must confirm payment prior to editing. (No offense.)  The current turnaround time is 2 weeks.

Note: A developmental/content edit is very different from a line edit or copy edit. Although we sometimes point our grammar, punctuation, spelling, and line edit, that is not our focus.
If you’re still unclear about what a developmental edit is, READ MORE HERE


Line Edit/Copy Edit



Ready to Book An Edit?

To submit your request for one of our editing services, please email (tia [at] worldwindtours [dot] com) with “Editing Request” as your subject.

Include the following in your email:

▪   The editing service you want
▪    Book title & description
▪    Genre & Length of Book
▪    Any other information you deem important

Note: Our editor has the right to refuse any books that she does not think will be a good fit for her.

Invoicing will be sent out prior to the editing service and must be paid in full prior to working on your manuscript or novel.


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